It is with great sadness, we convey that Sam Booker, the co-founder of Every Creature Counts, passed away of natural causes on January 18th 2016.  After the 2012 death of his wife Lisa, Sam stayed focused on continuing the vision and mission they both had established in 1992 for Every Creature Counts.  Sam was dedicated to helping make a positive difference in the rescue community. He worked tirelessly with Melisa Wagy, the ECC Operations Manager, and others to ensure ECC. He continued to be a significant presence in animal rescue and welfare. He was most appreciative of the support each of you have given to ECC.   In keeping with Sam’s wishes, please consider donations be made in his memory to Every Creature Counts.

Donations can be mailed to Every Creature Counts at: 1245 Factory Circle,  Fort Lupton, CO  80621 

or through PayPal at on our web site

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