Last newsletter we presented our yearly numbers of the animals we assisted in 2014.
We spay and neutered 7,920 dogs and cats.
We adopted to new homes 2,449 dog and cats.
After some reflection, we decided to expand the discussion on our 2014 achievements. We assume that you have seen a number of presentations of how many potential offspring can result from one un-spayed/neutered cat or dog over many years.

While this is truly a monumental and staggering number, we tend to look at how many we affected in just one year.
So, prepare yourself for a math lesson!
In the spay/neuter and adoption numbers for 2014, we managed to process 4,116 female dogs and cats. If you take that number and consider an average litter size of 4 and twice a year, we prevented at least 32,928 unwanted animals in 2014.
Now, we think that is a monumental number at Every Creature Counts.
Thanks for listening,
Every Creature Counts