Every Creature Counts

We love dogs, every kind, every size. We have three living at home right now – Hachi, Coco, and Twinkie.

Twinkie is a beagle/rat terrier mix. Some would call her a ragle (pronounced ray-gel). She’s now nine and arthritic, hobbling around in her 42-pound frame, considered obese by our vet. We love her and wouldn’t want to part with her even when she’s gassy in her old age.

Hachi is a Shih Tzu- terrier mix, heavy on the Tzu. He was adopted from Puppy Rescue 911 animal shelter in Chester, Illinois back in May 2015 when he was a tiny, wriggling 3-month-old fluffball. He’s our resident alpha dog.

Coco is the diva, a six-year-old purebred Shih Tzu who’s registered with the American Kennel Club. She was also rescued from Puppy Rescue 911 animal shelter. Coco is touchy and grouchy, unwelcoming to the fosters we bring in.

We created this website to connect animal rescue resources especially in Southern US, where overpopulation of unwanted animals is a huge problem.

When we work together, we can save more lives.

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