Hello friends! If you are a cat-lover, this information is for you. The following is from pawproject.org. Check them out, they are a wealth of information. We need to ban declawing in Colorado, and it is up to you to help out the cause. Sign the petition at the link below to get us one step closer to being one of the countries who makes declawing cats illegal. Countries that have made declawing illegal include: England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand.


Declawing is amputation; it is not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the last knuckles of a cat’s paw – cutting through bone, tendons, skin and nerves. In a person, it is equivalent to amputating each finger or toe at the last joint.

Declaw surgery can be an extremely painful procedure with associated health risks and complications such as infection.

Declaw surgery can produce permanent lameness, pain or arthritis.

Declawing is the same mutilating procedure for house cats or big cats.