Every Creature Counts is a no-kill dog and cat shelter located in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Our mission is to eliminate the pet over-population problem. We rescue over 2,700 dogs and cats annually and adopt them into loving homes. We also operate a low-cost spay/neuter, vaccination, and dental clinic for dogs and cats. Our clinic spays and neuters nearly 7,200 animals each year.


Mission Statement: Every Creature Counts (ECC) is a Colorado non-profit organization whose goal is to eliminate the feral, stray, abandoned, and unwanted cat and dog population through spay/neuter, adoptions and education.


Spay & Neuter  We operate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic Monday-Saturday, serving all cats and dogs.

Adoptions  We feature our dogs, puppies, cats and kittens at our adoption partner’s locations and at other events in the Denver Metro area.

Rescue We partner with numerous shelters to help offer animals slated for euthanasia a second chance.

Care  We provide medical care for sick and injured homeless animals.

Education – We strive to inform the public about the pet overpopulation problem and humane treatment of animals.

Our work is based on our belief that every creature does count and we make every possible effort to assist as many animals as we can. We view each animal as an individual and commit ourselves to providing the best possible care for that animal. Our success comes from knowing that our animals are on the road to finding, or have found, loving, forever homes.


We who reach to help another creature hold the heart of humanity in our hands.